10 Facts About Me

Welcome to Just A Quick Snap!

  • I am a teen who loves photography and hates spelling.
  • I am obsessed with travel and have been to Peru, US and Canada.
  • My favourite sports are figure skating, skiing, swimming and running.
  • I love watermelon and hate chocolate.
  • I am a breakfast person who could eat breakfast all day long.
  • I love The Bee Movie and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • My favourite travel memory is sandboarding in the sand dunes of Huacachina, Peru.
  • I would love to travel to India and Nepal.
  • I am Canadian and summer is my favourite season.
  • My nickname is Abs.(not because I have any!)

Thank you for dropping by. Have a great day!

Abs (Abby)




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  2. Anabel Marsh · June 25, 2015

    Nice pictures! Visiting via Cheryl’s blog. Reading your 10 things my major disagreement is chocolate and my major agreement is Grey’s Anatomy. I love both, though I do miss Cristina. Hope you continue to enjoy blogging.

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  3. Ruth · June 26, 2015

    Abby, I love your photograph! My son, Tim and I both love photography and one of his favorite things has always been to be somewhere to see sunsets; for me, it’s both sunsets and sunrises. Your grandfather, Blake, can tell you how much I love to go to Burnaby Mountain and see the sunset over Vancouver. And I’m sure you must know what the sunrises and sunsets are like in Pleasant Bay! So I’m happy to see we have this in common……….and I love going out for breakfast, my favorite! So nice that you have a blog now.

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  4. I had a good boo around. Best of luck with the blogging, Abby. I like your shots!

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